Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lesson #1 You can't fool all of the people all the time

Americans grew an intense fear of communism after World War II. The Red Scare occured after the Chinese Civil War defeated the West in 1949, founding the People's Republic of China. I believe the American government has and will always be afraid of China, but not for their history of communism. China, as we all know by now, will become a world power one day in the near future. The American government has predicted this and tried everything in their power to bring China down since the very beginning. 

The average citizen is very stupid. Very, very, very stupid. They will believe anything and everything. You can fool most of the people, all of the time. 

Little does one know the actual theory behind communism. In fact, this oppression-free social structure is actually the basis of democracy. Giving more power to the proletariats, everyone has the ability to make political and economic decisions.

Little does one know, China is NOT communist in any way shape or form. If Mao were alive today, he would shit a brick and jump off a cliff. 

Dalai Lama inspecting troops - Chakrata in 1972

Do you ever think, why does America send military supplies to Taiwan? Why has Western ideology come to support the Dalai Lama, who is actually a murderous political elite that has been tried in the Indian Court of Law for persecuting anyone who worships Dorje Shengden? If the Dalai Lama has so much spiritual substance, then why does he condemn homosexuality? I can answer that one for you -he is Western society's bitch, and Christianity's Mr. Pope reinforces the belief that homosexuality is evil. Why do college stoners hang Tibetan prayer flags on their walls, having no idea what they mean or represent? 

No one thinks to ask questions, because their brains are not capable of extraneous thought. We are followers. We are stupid.

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